How to Choose Solar Lights Manufacturer & Supplier in China

How to choose solar lights suppliers in China

With many solar light manufacturers claiming to be solar lighting experts, how can you tell which one is reliable? Indeed, choosing an excellent solar light manufacturer is not an easy task to do. You have to consider several factors and check some parameters.  Once you managed to get an excellent solar light manufacturer, your business […]

All You Need to Know About Solar Street Lights Battery

All you need to know about solar street lights battery

Among all solar street light accessories, solar batteries are one of the top accessories with the highest cost. The main reason is the battery is also the most necessary component that impacts the lifespan of a solar street light. The solar battery has different types and parameters, including its battery applications. If you are dealing […]

Ultimately Guide to Solar Street Lights Proposal (2022 Version)

Solar street lights design guide

Designing a street light solution can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Consider many factors, including application site, landscaping, area size, pole height, traffic flow, and more. Furthermore, designing solar-powered street lights can be challenging since the factors above are not the only things to consider. You also need to calculate the solar […]

How to Choose the Best Solar Street Lights

Best Solar street lights

Buying solar street lights is not a simple task. With tons of models available in the market, sometimes it is a real hassle to pick the right one for you. Not to mention that solar street light suppliers will present you with some parameters upon giving you the quotations. We understand your problem. Having lesser […]

Solar panels guide

ultimately solar panel guide 2022

How do solar panels work? How many types of solar panels are there? What are the key parameters of solar panels? We would like to introduce all the key information about solar panels through this article to help you buy the best solar panels. We will also share our 10+ years of experience in the […]

Solar panel installation

solar panel installation - ADNLITE

With the increasing development of photovoltaics, how to choose suitable photovoltaic brackets according to local conditions is an important link to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the entire solar power system. Starting from the installation form, the existing Solar panel bracket can be roughly divided into two categories: Bracket on the ground; Bracket […]

All types of solar street lights Review

All types of solar street lights reviews

When you want to choose a suitable solar-led street light for outdoor lighting projects, you will find that there are too many solar street lamp styles on the market. The price of these solar street lights ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars or even more expensive. So in this article, our purpose […]

Solar street lights installation

Solar street lights installation-adnlite

In this article, we will introduce the installation instructions for the popular solar-led street lights on the market. There are mainly two types of solar street lights, split solar street lights and integrated solar street lights. Especially the installation of the all-in-one solar street light is very simple, and the installation can be completed in […]

Solar lights in cloudy days

5 ways to longer the solar lights lighting time in cloudy days

How to longer the solar lights’ lighting time? At present, the application of solar lights is more and more extensive, and the demand for solar lights is also increasing. But solar energy is unstable. And some places need long-term stable lightings, such as highways and main roads. This requires a unique outdoor design to ensure […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Lights


In the solar light industry, you will often encounter new customers who are in doubt about whether they should switch to solar or not. At first, they will always greet you with a couple of questions like ‘What are the advantages of solar lights?’, ‘What are the benefits of buying solar lights?’ ‘How do solar […]