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Solar-Street-Light Factory For the Malaysia

You can get more than 30 types of solar lights from us special for the Malaysia market.

60W aioc solar street lights

Factory Direct Sales

You can get the cheapest solar lights from us. Many solar light stores in China Town get their products from us.


Part of Hot Sales of Solar Lights In Malaysia

More than 30 types of Solar Lamps for you!

Why Buy From US

100% Aftersales

We have done more than 100 solar light projects in the Philippines, and the defective rate of our products is less than 5 per thousand.

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We can provide one-stop shopping and deliver the goods directly to your company in the Philippines.

Win Your Solar Lighting Projects

You can get free solar light solutions from us that are customized according to the solar light project requirements. Our solar street lighting solutions have helped our clients in Malaysia win over $1 million in projects

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