What is Solar Sign Light?

Solar-powered sign lights are lamps exclusively for signage. These lights are powered entirely by solar energy. The main purpose of these lights is to provide lighting to exterior surface signages such as billboards, real estate signs, and other places that need lighting at night. These lights are a great help since it is cost-effective and useful instead of using a power grid which is either expensive or inconvenient. Solar-led sign lights can save a lot of labor costs and handling fees without the need for electricians to trench wires into the grid. After installing the solar lights, there is no need to pay electricity bills at all.

Undeniably, ADN has almost ten (10) years of experience in the manufacture and design of commercial solar lamps. For you, we can design and make customized outdoor commercial solar-led sign lights based on the different sizes of the signboard, lighting time, and the weather.

solar light box sign_

What are the Benefits of Buying Solar Signage Lights?

  • Save the cost of wire trenching, electrician, and procedure of applying the grid utility
  • Zero electric bill
  • Easy installation
  • Safe because of low voltage ( Mainly 3V to 12V only)
  • Environment friendly
  • Smart control dimming

What is Solar Sign Light Application?

external surface siange

External Surface Signage

ADN will supply the whole solar sign lighting system including the mounting bracket for the solar panel, battery, and led light fixture. 

Example Signage size: 6’*10’ 10’*15’ 2

billboard sign

Solar billboard lights

We can also supply customized side solar-powered billboard sign lights.

Billboard size for example 12’*15’, 20’*30’


Solar-Powered Street/Road Signs

ADN will select different types of lamps and installations to adapt to different types and sizes of roadside signage.

Example signage size: 2’*4’

outdoor illuminated signage

Customized Solar Sign Illumination System

ADN can also design and manufacture high-power solar energy systems to upgrade your outdoor sign lighting systems.

Example signage size: 3’*5’

real estate sign

Solar Real Estate Sign Light

The signage size of real estate is typically not very large. ADN will choose more suitable spotlights or outdoor light bars as the light source.

Example signage size: 2’*4’   2’*6’


Signage Sizes and Led Power

400lm   —  6’x6’ ( 2 X 2 Meters)

900lm   —   12’x8’ ( 3.5M X 2.5M)

1500lm —  16′ x 8’ (5 x 2.5m )

Lighting Time And PV/ Battery

Take 3W 4000lm for example, the system can ensure work on long cloudy days. And it needs bigger solar panel power and battery capacity on cloudy days.

6 hours In The Night

PV: 6w -15w

Battery: 12.8V 3AH to 6AH

8 hours In The Night

PV: 8w -20w

Battery: 12.8V 5AH to 10AH

12 hours In The Night

PV: 10w -30w

Battery: 12.8V 8AH to 15AH

Solar Sign Lighting Kits

The main accessories of outdoor solar-powered sign lamps include: solar panels, mounting accessories, LED lamps, controllers, batteries, battery boxes, and wires.


Solar Panel and Solar Panel Bracket

Solar panel power and solar panel installation accessories can generally be customized according to LED brightness, lighting time, air temperature, and installation site. To find out more about solar panels, click here.

Led Light Fixtures

Lamps suitable for signage lighting are generally floodlights, spotlights, outdoor light bars, and so on. Depending on the size of the signage, we’ll pick the best and most suitable lamp type and power.

led lamps for signage

Solar Charge Controller

The solar controller is a part of the solar lamp. It coordinates and controls the components like lamps, solar panels, and batteries to function properly. Given this idea, the solar controller we use can guarantee the stable operation of the solar lamp for more than five (5) years. To learn more information about solar controllers, click here.

Batteries and Battery Boxes

The battery is the energy storage component of the solar signage lamps. Depending on the temperature and the installation site, we will choose different types of batteries, battery voltage, and battery capacity. The battery is almost the most important component in solar light because its cost is the highest among the various components of solar light. To learn more about solar light batteries, click here.

In addition, the battery and the controller are placed in the battery case together. The waterproof level of the battery box can generally reach IP66.


Wire with Waterproof Connectors

All wires and waterproof connectors are for outdoor use. Depending on the actual installation situation, we will confirm the most suitable wire length. For instance, if the wire length is too long, we will choose a thick wire to reduce the power loss in the wire.

How to Get Customized Quotations of the Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Signages From ADN?

  1. A clear and long shot photo of outdoor signage must be provided. The photo needs to include where the solar lights are installed. In this case, we can confirm where solar panels, lamps, battery boxes, etc. are installed.
  2. An accurate signboard size must be given. The size of the signboard is used to determine the lamp power and installation distance.
  3. The local temperature throughout the year. The average annual temperature must be considered since the solar sign lights will be customized depending on the temperature or weather of a certain area.
  4. The lighting time requirements. For example, how long does it need to be lit at night, and how many days the system can guarantee normal operation in rainy weather?       

Why ADN As Your Solar Signage lights Supplier?

  1. Our company started the solar lamps business in 2014. We are proud to say that over the last ten years, we completed more than 300 solar lighting projects all around the world worth more than $10 Million in total.
  2. Our production base is in China, and we can provide you with the most cost-effective and world-class solar light products from us.
  3. We have perfect after-sales and production processes to ensure the quality of your solar lighting project.

How to Install Solar-Led Signage Lights?

Firstly, connect the wire connectors between the solar panels, batteries, LED lights, and solar charge controllers. Then, install all the components. As simple as that, the installation of the solar light system is complete. However, during the installation of solar sign lamps the following points should be noted:

  1. Make sure that there is no shadow on the surface of the solar panel. Any small shadow area will affect the solar panel charging power dramatically.
  2. At night, solar panels should not be illuminated by other lighting fixtures around. The solar lighting system has a dark to dawn function. If the solar panel is illuminated, the solar controller will turn off the LED light.
  3. Tighten the screws that secure the solar panels, lamps, and battery boxes.
  4. Connect the waterproof connectors in the correct direction.
  5. Install the solar panel in the proper direction.
  6. Pay attention to the lighting direction of the lamps to cover the signage well.
  7. Clean the solar panel at least one time per month.