Part of Our Customers in Thailand

Why ADNLITE as the best solar street lights Supplier in Thailand

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    We support customized solar lighting solutions according to the requests and price.
    We supply 100% aftersales and all of our customers in Thailand work with us more than 5 years.
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    We are the solar lamps manufacture directly sale in China. So that we can supply you with the cheapest solar street lamps in Thailand.

Solar street lighting projects in Thailand

Integrated solar street lights in thanland

All in one solar street lamps near Bangkok

Pole Height: 8 Meters

6000lm 30W led power

60W solar panel power

12.8v 21ah lifepo4 lithium battery

5 years warranty

30% Pir motion dim

Integrated solar street lamps in Phatthaya

Pole Height: 6 Meters

4000lm 25W led power

40W solar panel power

12.8v 15ah lifepo4 lithium battery

5 years warranty

2 hours 100% brightness, 30% Pir motion dim

Parks in Phatthaya Thanland

solar street lamp in the park