What are Solar Flood Lights?

Solar floodlight is a distinct type of lighting source powered by solar. They are generally designed to provide enough light source to any outdoor area. Solar flood lights do not require wire trenching, unlike traditional lights. Most modern solar floodlights equip LED technology and usually come in many variations. Each brand varies from one another, so the shapes, sizes, and styles also vary. Despite these differences in some features, all solar floodlights share the same function—provide artificial light for security purposes. They are the best options for improving the outdoor security of residential houses and commercial properties. While others also use these lights for nighttime outdoor recreation and outdoor illumination.

They are ideal for lighting areas such as backyards, parking lots, parks, concert stages, stadiums, and many more. They can also use in smaller areas such as driveways, sideroads, swimming pools, patios, and house backyards.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are only new to solar-powered lights, you might get confused with solar flood lights and solar street lights. So, to give you an idea, we have provided the difference between the two in all aspects.


Solar flood lamps are mainly for household use or for illuminating smaller areas and usually require a wide range of illumination. On the other hand, solar street lights are mainly used in public places, such as roads, driveways, public parks, and parking lots.


The actual power of solar flood lights is between 5 watts and 20 watts. The maximum solar-powered street lights power can reach 100 watts or even higher.


The solar-powered flood light does not need to be lit all night and has a lifespan of 1 to 2 years. If the solar street light is for home use, the quality is similar to that of the solar flood light. If it is a project-type solar street light, you need to light them all night, and its lifespan can reach more than 5 years.

You do not need to light them all night because solar-led flood lights are often used in home lighting applications. Usually, the battery can guarantee 2 to 3 hours of lighting time at the maximum power of the LED. In addition, the solar flood lights have human body sensor switches, making them more sufficient for residential lighting.

The average price of solar flood lights on Amazon is about $40 to $200. If you directly buy from Chinese manufacturers in bulk, the cost can be only about 1/5 to 1/6. Also, just a friendly reminder, do not rely on the solar light parameters on Amazon. For specific reasons, please see our article on solar lamp parameters.

Dusk to dawn Dim / Remote Switch / Pir Motion Dim

Dusk to Dawn Dim 

But what exactly does dusk to dawn imply? Solar flood lights’ core function is to act as outdoor lights. You can place them in your garden or yard and turn them on after the sun has set and turned off when it rises again in the morning. 

Remote Switch 

Most solar lights require a remote switch as they possess a manual process of switching off. You should turn them off when you are not using them for a while or when you need to perform light maintenance.  

PIR Motion Dim

Solar floodlight manufacturers equip every solar floodlight with a PIR motion dim feature. This motion sensor in solar flood lights detects human body movements. Once it detects movements, it will send a signal to the solar lights control panel, which triggers these lights to turn on. Once the detected body movement is already far from the area, the light will dim.

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