Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Lights


In the solar light industry, you will often encounter new customers who are in doubt about whether they should switch to solar or not. At first, they will always greet you with a couple of questions like ‘What are the advantages of solar lights?’, ‘What are the benefits of buying solar lights?’ ‘How do solar lights differ from traditional lights?’ and so on. While it is quite suffocating to answer the same questions all over again, as a solar light manufacturer, it is your responsibility to answer their inquiries in the most professional way.

From a more professional perspective with ten years of solar light experience, we hope that through this article, we can dispel such doubts for your customers.

8 solar lights benefits adnlite
8 solar lights benefit adnlite

What are the Advantages of Solar Lights?

Solar lights vary in features, sizes, style, and designs, but most of these products share the same abundant benefits. To give you some ideas, here are some of the perks you will enjoy if you opt for solar lights:

No Trenching

Most solar lights do not require wire trenching.

Typically, the traditional outdoor lighting, such as street lights and garden lights, requires long wire trenching. The sad part here is, that it can impose high installation costs.

But if you opt for solar lights, you are free from the hefty amount of wire trenching installation cost.

Check wire trenching of outdoor lights video following:

Environmental friendly

Solar street lights are solely powered by solar energy and do not require any external power supply. Unlike traditional lights, solar street lights only consume less energy, which means they most likely contribute to carbon emissions.

In addition, the light source of most solar lights is LED. Compared to traditional light sources, LED is a green light source.

 Lower Cost

Here we have listed a table to show the cost comparison of solar lights compared to ordinary lights.

Cost of Solar lights VS Traditional lights Comparation

ItemSolar lightsTraditional lights
Supply of Material$6k$4k
Installation Cost$0.1k$0.1k
5 Years of Electricity Cost0$3k
5 Years Maintenance Cost0$3k
Compared with the cost of LED lights, the overall cost of solar energy can be reduced by half!

Simpler and faster installation

All in one solar lights in Zambie Africa

Traditional lights need to be connected to the electrical wire system, and a certified electrician is needed to install them.

If the installer isn’t careful, there is also the risk of getting shocked by the electricity.

Solar street lights do not need to be connected to the electrical wire system, people can install the solar lights themselves within a few minutes. (Click to see the installation of solar street lights)

Because there is no need to connect the electrical wire system, there is no risk of electric shock and no time goes to waste by waiting for a certified electrician to come out to the premises as you can install it yourself, at any time.

Secured & Safe to Use

Traditional lamps and lanterns are connected to 110V to 220V AC power, if the electricity leaks and are touched by accident, it can be life-threatening.

However, if you opt for solar lights, you can assure that you and your family are safe from electric shock or leaks as they have battery-supplied low-voltage DC power (usually 3V to 24V DC voltage). Even with electricity, human contact with its pole or body is safe.

More energy efficient

This topic is explained relatively technically.

First of all, all solar lights are LED light sources. And LED light source is the third-generation light source with the highest luminous efficiency.

As of 2022, the market’s highest luminous efficiency LED chip can reach about 230lm/w.

As solar light manufacturers, we usually use these high luminous efficacy LED chips in solar street lights.

(Click to view solar street lights)

Secondly, compared to ordinary LED lights, solar street lights do not need to convert high-voltage AC power into low-voltage DC power.

Ordinary LED lights are installed inside the power supply, which is used to convert high voltage AC into low voltage DC to power the LED chips, and this power supply will lose part of the electrical energy, about 10%.

So the light efficiency of solar lights is about 10% higher than the light efficiency of ordinary led lights.

With Smart Control & Convenient Functions

Motion dim of the small power solar lights
Motion dim of the small power solar lights

The main components of solar lights are semiconductors.

Semiconductor devices are easy to implement intelligent control.

So all solar lights have the following functions:

remote control operated, light source dimming, Auto-time dimming, and Dark to dawn dim, making it extremely easy and convenient to use.

Convenient and flexible investment

One of the main perks of solar street lights is their remote use.

Many rural/uncivilized areas from different parts of the world, such as mountains and islands, are not connected to electricity. Since the cost of electricity is too high, some governments cannot shoulder the expenses of installing electricity in those areas.

But with solar street lights, they can now install lights in their areas to light up their nights even without an electricity supply. With the popularity of solar lights around the world, people can easily purchase them in nearby stores, instead of desperately waiting for an electricity connection. 

A slight disadvantage of solar lights

With all the benefits of solar lights, there are naturally slight disadvantages as well. The cost of a single solar light is higher than that of an ordinary LED light of the same brightness. The lighting time of solar lights might be affected by the weather and is not as stable as ordinary lamps. Of course, there are ways we can reduce the impact of weather on the lighting time of solar lights, which you can check by clicking here.

Should I Opt for Solar Lights?

With all of the perks we have mentioned above, investing in solar lights is indeed worthy of your time, money, and interest. It is not yet too late to switch to solar.

There are a lot of solar light suppliers in the market that you can choose from. Our only takeaway is, that before purchasing solar lights, make sure to check the supplier/manufacturer first. Consider some relevant factors to know where to get the right solar lights. Click here: How to choose the best solar street lights by understanding the parameters?

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