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Most of them are main for solar , lights and construction!

Hot solar lamps for Engineering projects in the Malaysia market

The most popular solar-led street lights, solar Flood Lights, and solar post lamps for high-quality projects in the Malaysian market. And we support customized solar lighting solutions for your projects. 

Applications for these types of lamps are parks (6 meters), community roads (6 meters), country roads (6 meters to 8 meters), public lighting sites in remote areas (6 meters to 8 meters), commercial streets (6 meters to 8 meters), industrial areas Roads and parking lots (6m to 8m), main road (8m).

Cheap Types of Solar Lights

Some customers also need cheap types of solar lamps on the left. The real led power is only 10w to 20w around. But they will be false marks as 100w, 200w, 300w, and 400w solar lamps.

These solar lights have only 1 year to 2 years life span. And can not support long cloudy days lighting.

Why ADN is Your best Solar & Lights Suppliers In The Malaysia

Solar & Lighting Projects In Malaysia - ADNLITE

Solar lights, Led lights Projects, and solar power system that we did in Malaysia.

Solar street lights projects in the parks

Ourdoor Solar led street lights in the parks

  • Led: 30W 4500lm
  • Solar Panel: 60W monocrystalline
  • Battert: 12.8V 24AH
  • 30% Pir Motion Dim
  • 3 years warranty
  • 6meters pole height
  • Solar lights system support 3 cloudy days lighting

Solar road lamps in Kuala Lumpur

  • Led: 30W 5500lm
  • Solar Panel: 70W monocrystalline
  • Battery: 12.8V 30AH
  • Time Dim
  • 5 years warranty
  • 6meters pole height
  • Solar lights system support 3 cloudy days lighting
Solar road lamps for main raod
UFO solar pole lights 4m

UFO solar post lamps for 4m pole

  • Led: 15W 2200lm
  • Solar Panel: 30W monocrystalline
  • Battert: 3.2V 42AH
  • 25% Pir Motion Dim
  • 3 years warranty
  • 4meters pole height
  • Community parking lot in Subang Jaya 

Useful information to Win Your Solar lights & Led Lights Projects

The temperature is an important consideration when design the solar lights. Click to check the Malaysia Temperature.

Sunshine hours is also an important point to make sure the solar panel power when designing the solar lights. Click here to check sunshine hours in the Malaysia.

Tell you how design the ourdoor solar lights for engineer projects. With this solar street light proposal, we have won over 100 government projects in the United States, Spain, Australia, Dubai, Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries.