Top 10 Tips to Choose & Design the Best Solar Parking Lot Lights in 2022

Top 10 Tips to Choose & Design the Best Solar Parking Lot Lights in 2022 1(1)

Solar power is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of pf people are now gradually switching to renewable energy. Aside from solar panels, many consumers are now also using solar lights in their parking lot. It is to show their commitment to both renewable energy and saving money. Since solar lamps do not need wire trenching, no electricity bills, energy saving, and environmental protection, many people prefer solar lamps for their parking lots. (Click to view the Benefits of buying solar lights)

As a solar contractor, it’s your job to supply them with the right products. However, choosing the right solar parking lot lights in 2022 is quite challenging. You have to look around and compare prices from different manufacturers. Some companies offer a good deal, while others deliver poor-quality materials. The bad thing about this is that you don’t know which ones are offering good deals until the process is halfway done.

Aside from choosing the right solar parking lot lights, you also need to know how to design them. But “how do we design solar outdoor led lights to win the project when the customer sent an inquiry about the solar parking lot lights project?” The answer is quite simple if you know all the factors. Such factors are the type of solar lamp, heights of light poles, types of the parking lot, and other parameters. In this article, ADN will unravel all the secrets of solar parking lot lights so they work perfectly. 

Tips on Choosing & Designing Solar Parking Lot Lights in 2022

It’s very crucial to design and install solar parking lot lights correctly if you want them to last for a long time. Keep on reading to be guided.

Optical Part Design

  1. Pole height: Usually, solar parking lot lights’ poles range in height from 4 to 8 meters. But there are a few that are between 8 and 10 meters tall. In most cases, LED power needs to increase with pole height.
  2. Light distribution types: For different pole heights and pole spacings, it is necessary to choose various lighting distribution lamps. It is done to ensure that the lighting is uniform as much as possible. Below are the following pictures of different types of light distribution diagrams:
street lighting distribution
flood lighting distribution
  1. Brightness: Usually, the average brightness of the main road needs to reach more than 18lux to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Vehicles on the main road travel fast, and the traffic flow is large, so it needs a certain amount of lighting. But in terms of parking lots, the average brightness is only 10lux because the vehicle travels slowly in the parking lot. In addition, it only needs to see the surrounding roads, vehicles, and boundary lines to move the vehicle.
  2. Recommended dimming method: The dimming methods of solar lamps generally include human body induction dimming, radar induction dimming, and time-controlled dimming.

For parking lot lighting, ADN recommends the radar sensor dimming method. Here’s why:

  • The radar sensing distance is farther than the PIRhuman body sensing distance. The distance of radar sensing can reach 20-25 meters, while the sensing distance of Pir motion is only about 8-10 meters.
  • Radar sensing is more suitable for sensing vehicles.
  • The sensing angle of radar sense is larger than that of PIR motion.
  • The parking lot has a very small traffic flow so induction dimming will be more energy-saving and practical than time-controlled dimming.
  1. Dialux Simulation: If you want to professionally display the lighting effect of the designed lamps in a real venue, you can do a DIALUX simulation. The premise is that there must be an IES file for the selected luminaire. The size details of the actual venue had to be entered into the DIALUX software as well. The following picture is the rendering made by DIALUX:

Design of Solar Lighting System

For the detailed design of this section, please see the outdoor solar street lights design page. On that page, we have a detailed introduction to the design principles and formulas of solar lamps. We gathered the information from our 10 years of experience in handling solar lighting projects. With this design experience, we have helped our clients (lighting and solar energy companies) win over 100 solar outdoor lighting projects in the past 2 decades.

  1. Use LED chips with the highest light efficiency: Mostly, the overall cost of high-power solar lights depends on the solar panels and batteries. Generally, the higher the LED light efficiency, the lower the LED power reaches a certain lumen value. On the other hand, the lower the solar panel power and battery capacity, the lower the overall solar lighting system cost.
  2. Solar panel power and battery capacity should be set reasonably. Too big and too expensive. Too low, and the lighting time is too short. Different dimming methods, solar panel power, and battery capacity design are different. It is also necessary to design different solar panel power and battery capacity according to the temperature and lighting time of the installation site.
  3. Check the solar panel size and battery’s weight: If the solar panel is too large and the battery is heavy, you must check the firmness of the hardware accessories. You must always check this when installing the solar panel and battery.
  4. Hyber on-grid types: Make sure your solar parking lot light never strikes. When the battery has energy storage, the system first uses the energy in the battery. If the battery power runs out of power, the grid will take over the system to ensure continuous illumination of the LED lights. (Click to view a project in TX, USA).
  5. Installation of solar parking lot lights: The installation of solar lamps is also a key point that affects the normal lighting of solar lamps. Click here to see how to properly install a solar light.

Types of Solar Parking Lot Lamps Review

4m-5M Pole 

Usually, this pole-height parking lot is in the community or backyard of the home. They typically do not follow strict requirements on brightness and uniformity. The required brightness of the solar light is just enough to distinguish the surrounding objects and the dividing line.

We recommend 10-20 watts of power and set 30% body-sensing dimming. Diversified designs can also win customers’ favor, such as UFO solar lights, Apple solar lights, and so on. In addition, you can opt for a smaller solar panel power capacity and battery size since there is almost no traffic in the middle of the night. It will also reduce the overall costs. For example, for Solar apple lights, the ex-factory price of 15w ADN is about $60.

Apple solar post lights B

6-8M or Higher Height Pole

If the height of the light pole is 6 meters or more, you need higher power LED lights to secure enough brightness. Correspondingly, the power of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery should also be increased. Based on the appearance, we can make the following classification of solar parking lot lights.

  • All-in-one Solar Light

It has a compact structure, a simple and beautiful appearance, plus easy to install. Since it’s an all-in-one, it is handy so you can easily transport it. The only downside of this is its led power and solar panel power are limited. The solar panel installation angle is also not suitable for large-scale tilt.

  • Semi-split Solar Light

It has a beautiful appearance. The solar panels are installed separately, which is convenient for the solar energy to adjust the inclination according to different installation sites. LED power and solar panel power can be further enlarged.

  • Split solar light

Installation is a little more complicated. You can also maximize its LED power and solar panel power. It is suitable for high brightness and high power solar lamps (15000lm 100W solar parking lot lights, for example).

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